The Liar


Shakespeare Theatre

Washington D.C.

April - May 2010

Director: Michael Kahn

Translaptator: David Ives

Set Design: Alexander Dodge

Costume Design: Murrell Horton

Lighting Design: Jeff Croiter

Sound Design: Martin Desjardins

Composer: Adam Wernick

Stage Manager: M. William Shiner

With: Christian Conn, Aubrey Deeker, Colleen Delaney, Erin Partin, Tony Roach, David Sabin, and Miriam Silverman.


Photos by

Scott Suchman

David Ives continues to be one of the most prolific - and witty - playwrights in the biz. This was the world premiere of his “translaptation” of The Liar, a 17th-century French comedy by Pierre Corneille.

While in the nation’s capital, NPR had four of us come over to their headquarters to tape a couple of scenes for a segment they were doing on the play and David Ives. You can listen to it here.

Random review


It’s always nice to be honored for a show. The following fall, the Shakespeare Theatre gave me an award for my work in The Liar.