Dov and Ali


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@The cherry lane theatRE


May - June 2009

Dov and Ali revolved around a lapsed Jewish teacher and his teenage Muslim

student, how they dealt with their families, religion, and growing up. I played the student. Wait, no.

Here’s a video clip of it.

Utkarsh Ambhudkar as Ali

Me as Dov

Heidi Armbruster as Sonya

Director: Katherine Kovner

Writer: Anna Ziegler

Set Design: Steven Kemp

Costume Design: Oana Boetz-Ban

Lighting Design: Traci Klainer

Sound Design: Daniel Kluger

Stage Manager: Jo McInerney

With: Utkarsh Ambudkhar, Heidi Armbruster, and Anitha Gandhi.

Sad, Weird Stories from My Youth that Somehow Relate to This
When I was in junior high and high school, I had a part-time job at my Hebrew school. One day I was asked to be an assistant teacher in a first-grade class. I ended up getting into a yelling match with a seven-year old, half my age.  Stay classy, Green.

Photos by

Erik Pearson


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