The Mines of Sulphur


new york city opera


october - november 2005

Director: David Schweizer

Score: Sir Richard Rodney Bennett

Libretto: Beverley Cross

Scenic Design: James Noone

Costume Design: John Conklin

Lighting Design: Kevin Adams

Conductor: George Manahan

What the Hell Was I Doing in an Opera: See below

With: Mark Duffin, William Ledbetter, John McVeigh, Timothy Nolen, Myrna Paris, Jessie Raven, Stephen West, and Caroline Worra.

There comes a time in every mute dancing ghost clown’s life when he has to carry the soprano up three tall, rickety flights of wooden stairs in the New York City Opera, and then do repeated backwards somersault down them.

Oh, and then do the robot and funky chicken for 3,000 opera viewers who really have no idea how your hair got so orange. Take that, Verdi.

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