The Last Word...


Theater at st. clement’s


January - March 2007

Director: Alex Lippard

Writer: Oren Safdie

Set Design: Michael V. Moore

Costume Design: Kirche Zeile

Lighting Design: Lucas Krech

Sound Design: Gabe Wood

Stage Manager: Marci Skolnick

With: Daniel J. Travanti

Photos by

Carol Rosegg


One of a pair of two-person Off-Broadway plays I did in 2007, but this one was with Captain Frank Furillo. The play concerned the relationship of a failed but tenacious would-be playwright (Travanti) and a new college intern, also a would-be writer. DJT’s pants zipper also played a major role.

You can listen to a segment of it here, taped for the New York Times’s “In Performance” audio slide show.

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