The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


alliance theatre

Atlanta, GA

march - may 2005

Director: Doug Hughes

Writer: Rebecca Gilman

Set Design: Neil Patel

Costume Design: Catherine Zuber

Lighting Design: Michael Chybowski

Sound Design: David Van Tieghem

Stage Manager: Kate McDoniel

With: Jimmon Cole, David DeVries, Julie Jesneck, Ron Cephas Jones, Randall Newsome, Roslyn Ruff, John Sierros, Henry Stram, Andrew Weems

I had recently graduated from my MFA program; this was the show that got me my Equity card.

We performed the show at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta before performing it, as part of The Acting Company, in a couple of spots in the South, including Columbus, GA.  While in Columbus, some of us took a tour of Carson McCullers’s house (right).

Fun facts!

Carson McCullers was 23 when she published The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, a book of profound comprehension of the human condition and loneliness.

When I was 23, I got to meet Mr. Met at my birthday party at a bar on the Lower East Side.

Green 1, McCullers 0.

Q & A Time!

You: Where else did you go with the show?

Me: Birmingham, Talladega -

You: Talladega? As in Talladega Nights?

Me: Sigh. Yes.

You: Awesome! Have you ever been to a Nascar race?

Me: Uh, yeah, for a buddy’s bachelor party. It was terrible.

You: Snob.

Me: Ok, that was uncalled for.

Mick (Julie Jesneck) and Harry before losing their innocence during the most awkward picnic ever.

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