Pride and Prejudice


geva theatre

rochester, ny

may - june 2008

For those wondering if we possibly had a pickle-eating contest, why, yes. Yes, we did. Here’s the footage from the Geva Theatre lobby. (The contest itself starts at 2:53.) David C. Wells and I emceed/hosted the preposterous event, and Will Connell and Liv Rooth devoured far too many pickles for us to even want to remember.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Rochester in the spring can still be a bit chilly.

And you can actually blend in to Rochester bars with muttonchops.

Director: Mark Cuddy

Writer: Well, Jane Austen, of course.

Adapted by: Marge Betley and Mark Cuddy

Lighting Design: Robert Wierzel

Set and Costume Design: G.W. Mercier

Projection Design: Peter Negrini

Sound Design: Lindsay Jones

Composer: Gregg Coffin

Choreography: Meggins Kelly

Stage Manager: Kirsten Brannen

With: William Connell, Peggy Cosgrave, Shannon Koob, Guy Paul, Alyssa Rae, Randy Rollison, Liv Rooth, Remi Sandri, David C. Wells, and Meghan Wolf.

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