None of the Above


Lion theater / theater row


September - november 2007

Director: Julie Kramer

Writer: Jenny Lyn Bader

Set Design: Lauren Helpern

Costume Design: Melissa Schlachtmeyer

Lighting Design: Graham Kindred

Sound Design: Jill BC Duboff

Stage Manager: Sarah Butke

With: Halley Feiffer

Sad, Weird Stories from My Youth that Somehow Relate to This
I didn’t handle standardized tests well as a kid. As my classmates and I stood in line waiting to take the Biology SAT II in ninth grade early one Saturday morning in June, I ran to the other side of an Upper West Side street, and threw up on behind some garbage bags. It was salmon from the night before.

And then taking the Modern European History AP in 10th grade, I was convinced I had a tapeworm because of a wrenching pain in my gut.
Of course, in college, I once took an astronomy exam dressed as a cow. So that’s where that gets you.

None of the Above was a _____ about a rich girl and her SAT ______.

  1. a)riddle; leopard

  2. b)pyramid scheme; parole officer

  3. c)play; tutor

d) wigwam; mercenary

Photos by

Carol Rosegg


Hey, I learned how to do card tricks also.

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