Election Day


second stage (uptown)


july - august 2007

Director: Jeremy Dobrish

Writer: Josh Tobiessen

Set Design: Steven Capone

Costume Design: Mattie Ulrich

Lighting Design: Michael Gottleib

Sound Design: Jill BC Duboff

Stage Manager: Lori Ann Zepp

With: Michael Ray Escamilla, Halley Feiffer, Lorenzo Pisoni, and Katherine Powell.

Photos by

Joan Marcus


Naked politicians, Jay-Z, chopped off fingers, and molotov cocktails. This show was too funny to do. As in, it was a constant struggle not to laugh on stage. A struggle that I would lose probably 20% of the time. Specifically, around the time Halley would make cat sounds in my ear. Though not as bad as Michael, who would somewhat routinely just start shaking.

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