Awake and Sing!


Arena stage

Washington, D.C.

January - March 2006

Director: Zelda Fichandler

Writer: Clifford Odets

Set Design: Andromache Chalfant

Costume Design: Linda Cho

Lighting Design: Allan Lee Hughes

Sound Design: Marc Gwinn

Stage Manager: Martha Knight

With: Richard J. Canzano, Adam Danheisser, Hugh Nees, Robert Prosky, Brian Reddy, Jana Robbins, Steve Routman, and Miriam Silverman

Photos by

Scott Suchman

What a lovely message in Awake and Sing - “Life shouldn’t be printed on dollar bills. And read this op-ed by Frank Rich, written in the aftermath of the current economic collapse.

One of Zelda’s many marvelous touches was the passage of Grandpa Jake’s iconic purple sweater (shown in these photos. After Jake died, I emerged from his room wearing the sweater, maturing from a discontented youth into a young man with a clear view of the future.

NPR ran a piece on Clifford Odets and the show in early 2006. Listen to it here.


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